13 Times Kim Kardashian’s Butt Got More Attention Than She Did


Quick! If we say the name Kim Kardashian, what do you think of? One thing comes to all of our minds first when we hear the name, and that is Kim’s ample butt. The rest of her figure is pretty incredible as well, and it’s fairly obvious she has a doctor somewhere in Beverly Hills to thank for all of it. That aside, her figure, especially that a** will go down in history. And no matter where in the world she goes, when people see her, they immediately cop a look at her booty.

Here are 13 times Kim K’s butt got more attention than she did.





It’s a good thing that guy in the suit behind Kim is holding a velvet rope and not a scalpel because he seems a tad distracted by what he is supposed to be focusing on. But we can hardly blame him. That fabulous dress Kim is wearing is skin tight and showing off her goods real good.