15 Celebrities Who Failed in Yoga Pants


While I doubt very much that it will ever be considered chic or trendy to wear sweatpants out in public or to a club, yoga pants have definitely been let out of the yoga studio and are now worn everywhere by the hottest celebrities. Now, that’s not to say that ALL celebrities who wear a pair of yoga pants wear them successfully. Nope. Even the biggest, hottest stars can absolutely FAIL when it comes to putting these stretchy pants on. In fact, here are 15 celebs who failed pretty damn hard at wearing yoga pants:

Kim Kardashian



Let’s start with the queen of fashion herself, Miss Kim Kardashian. So, Kimmy K. is considered by millions, nay, BILLIONS to be a fashion expert, and we’re sure she considers herself a fashion expert as well. If that’s the case then please explain to us how you could let this yoga pants fail happen. Listen, when you have as much junk in your trunk as Kim does, you need to make sure you can SAFELY squeeze it all into your pants.