15 Celebrities Who Have Aged Like Crap


Let’s face it, aging is awful. It just is. We can talk all we want about the wisdom that comes with aging, the fact that we are at a time in our lives when we can be more selfish and do the things we’ve always wanted to do. We can even try and convince ourselves that all of those lines on our face are beautiful laugh lines that act like a living map of the joy we’ve been lucky enough to experience. Unless of course those lines are frown lines. But at least we only have to look awful in front of our loved ones, not the entire world like celebrities have to.

No matter how much money or fame they have, celebrities, just like us, get older. Some of them age well, and some of them… not so much. Here are 15 celebrities who have aged like sh*t.




Isn’t it tragic that someone as young as Lindsay Lohan would even be considered for this list, but the truth is, Lindsay looks twice her age. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 40, abusing drugs and alcohol will definitely take a toll on your looks. Lindsay is only 28 but she looks like she is well into her 40s.