15 Celebrities Who Married Ugly Spouses


You know the old phrase “like attracts like?” Well, it’s a pretty accurate assessment when it comes to hot people hooking up. Think about it, back in high school did you ever see a jock go out with a really fat chic or a cheerleader go out with one of the weird-looking oboe players from concert band? No, you didn’t, and you never will, because like attracts like. Hot attracts hot. This same rule applies usually in Tinseltown. You’re not gonna see Justin Bieber with an ugly chic, you’re just not. But sometimes rules are broken. Which is the case with these 15 celebrities who married ugly spouses.

Adriana Lima and Marco Jaric




Okay, let’s get right into it with this head-scratcher. Look at her, Adriana Lima is, without question, one of the most beautiful women on the planet right now. She could have married anyone, ANYONE, but chose to hitch her wagon to this guy who quite obviously looks like Disney’s Goofy.