15 Celebrities with Embarrassing Acne.. It’s Not Just You


Most human beings have issues with their own appearance. Whether it’s carrying around a few extra pounds, developing a bald spot, or developing a bald spot while carrying around a few extra pounds, it’s hard to feel good about yourself when magazines are constantly showing us images of celebrities who are the epitome of flawless. But what we need to always remember is that perfection does not exist and even celebrities have flaws. They also have makeup, lighting and photoshop to hide those flaws. If you have adult acne rejoice, you’re not alone. Here are 15 celebrities who also suffer from acne.





When we think of flawless beauty one of the first celebrities that comes to mind is the Queen B herself. But even this pop Diva has skin issues. Back in 2013 untouched photos from Bey’s 2013 L’oreal campaign leaked and the internet went crazy talking about her skin. See for yourself, she’s got pimples and her skin doesn’t have that glow we’re used to. In fact she just kind of looks… old and tired.