15 Celebrities with Fake Teeth


When you’re a celebrity living and working in Hollywood, you’ve got to look your absolute best 100% of the time. And when we say absolute best, we mean absolutely perfect from head to toe. Sure that’s a lot of pressure for celebrities to face daily, but then again, that’s why they get paid the big bucks, so don’t feel too bad for them. Whether it’s having perfect boobs, six pack abs, or the most perfect smile in the world, today’s celebrities can find numerous doctors to help them get it right.

And speaking of getting their smiles right, here are 15 celebrities with fake teeth.


Nicolas Cage



Nicolas Cage will do anything for his craft, include having some of his teeth pulled, as he did back in 1984 for his role in Birdy. Hopefully he opted for Novocain. Anyway after those teeth were pulled, he shed some little baby ones and then came back to the big screen a man with a new grin. It would also appear he had a bit more mouth work later on in his career. You be the judge.