15 Celebrities You Thought Were Dead But Aren’t


If you’re a celebrity, and you live long enough, there comes a time when you get added to that dreaded list – the “are they dead or aren’t they?” list. Not every celebrity makes the list, some celebrity deaths are so noteworthy that everyone knows they’re dead. Elvis comes to mind. Everyone knows he’s dead. And Joan rivers is now someone that everyone knows is dead because we were all so shocked by her passing. But the 15 celebrities on this list are those that are a bit more vague, these are the people who haven’t been seen on the big or small screen in quite a while, and so most people assume they must be dead when in fact, they are very much alive.

Bob Barker



Bob Barker was the enthusiastic and loveable host of The “Price is Right” for 35 years. But since he has been off the air from “The Price is Right” for many years now, people naturally assume he died. But Bob is still with us and over 90 years old now. We hope before he “Comes on Down” to the Pearly Gates he’ll make another movie appearance like his hilarious role in Happy Gilmore.