15 Celebrity Prom Catastrophes – Hollywood Most Embarrassing Looks


We like to believe our favorite celebs came out of the womb perfect, were perfect toddlers and little kids and teenagers. We like to think this because celebs have very expensive PR teams that work tirelessly to create perfect personas for their clients. But thanks to the World Wide Web we now know that celebs are… are you sitting down… human. GASP! That’s right. Celebs get pimples and wear Spanx to hide bulges, just like the rest of us. They get made up to look perfect and airbrushed when it’s not enough. Celebs, like us, even have embarrassing prom photos they don’t want anyone to see. Like these 15 of your favorite celebs:



Will Ferrell




Looks like Will Ferrell was a clown way back in high school as is evidenced by this prom photo. He was a pretty cute kid, have to admit. Have never thought of him as handsome but he was back in the day. If his prom date kept that tiara she could sell it on ebay for a pretty penny.