15 Celebrity Racists


Racism is a huge problem in this country and others around the world. And it seems with each passing year, instead of seeing more stories of tolerance and understanding in the media; we see stories of racial stereotyping, discrimination and hate crimes. Even though racist remarks can’t physically harm someone, the hurtful slurs can definitely inflict pain on the intended victim and the victim’s family. Though we tend to look to celebrities to be the ones who champion causes and bring positive attention to important issues and causes, sometimes celebrities just add fuel to an already raging fire.

Here are 15 celebrities who have landed in hot water after making insensitive and racist comments.

Giuliana Rancic



Well let’s start with the most recent celebrity to open their big mouth and stick their racist foot in it. Giuliana Rancic, one of E!’s Fashion Police, recently made an “accidental” racist comment about singer/actress Zendaya’s dreadlocks during the Oscars red carpet recap. Rancic said she thought that maybe Zendaya’s dreadlock’s “smelled like patchouli oil and weed.” Zendaya was offended by the comments and Rancic soon thereafter apologized.