15 Celebs Who Actually Look Better Without Make-Up


There was a time when you would never see a celebrity without their makeup on. Can you imagine seeing a shot of Betty Davis or Joan Crawford without their full faces on? It just wouldn’t happen. Heck, many of our mothers grew up during a time when a lady always had her face on. But nowadays, female celebs are letting their faces run free of makeup and, thanks to #nomakeupselfies, we can all see what they look like barefaced. While some celebs look butt-awful without makeup on (we’re talking to you Tyra), others look so much better without than with.


Sofia Vergara



We will admit, we have never completely understood the appeal of Sofia Vergara. Okay, she has one hell of an hourglass figure and that is appealing, but seeing her in full makeup most of the time, we always thought she looked kind of like a drag queen. And we love drag queens but not necessarily women who look like them. But to see her without makeup we clearly see how lovely she is. Sofia, we beg you, start wearing less makeup.