15 Celebs Who Are Disliked by Their Peers


Celebrities are an interesting bunch of people. Many of them have come from absolute nothing and worked hard to become successful and world-famous. They know what it’s like to not have 2 pennies to scrape together, and yet now live a completely luxurious lifestyle flying on private jets, living in 10,000 square foot mansions, and earning multi-millions of dollars every year. While many remain humble and grateful for their success and wealth, there are those who become incredibly obnoxious divas (including those male divas). These celebs are generally hated by everyone they’ve ever worked with. Here are 15 celebs who are disliked by their peers.


Mike Myers



I know, this one is a bit devastating. If you need to grab a beverage and sit down for a few minutes I understand.

Mike Myers is adored by fans for making them laugh hard for so many years in things like Wayne’s World and the Austin Powers movies. But what his fans don’t know is that Myers is known as a complete control freak and very high-maintenance. He apparently had so many demands during the filming of Wayne’s World that the director hired her own daughter to be his personal assistant because she couldn’t handle him anymore.