15 Celebs Who are Way Older Than You Probably Think


We all know that youth is something that is worshipped in our culture, but it is something that is REALLY worshipped in Hollywood. That’s why so many celebrities go under the knife, even when they’re only in their 30s, because they have such fear that they look too old. Not all celebrities have this fear, though. Some actually look far younger than they are and play characters that are 10 or even more years younger than their actual age. Prepare to have your mind blown because these 15 celebs look way younger than they actually are.


Gwen Stefani



Obviously being a badass has done wonders for Gwen Stefani because she hardly looks like someone who was born in the… wait for it… 1960s! Say what?! Yep, Stefani is actually 45 years old which is truly hard to believe. Her face has barely aged and her body is rock hard. She looks better than rockers half her age. You go girl.