15 Celebs Who Got Breast Implants and Don’t Hide It


In Hollywood, appearance is everything, which is why plastic surgery has become a common event in many celebrities’ lives. It’s funny, though, because not that long ago, no one ever talked openly about or admitted to having work done. But then celebrities like Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller started speaking very candidly about getting work – a LOT of work – done, and suddenly it became okay to admit you went under the knife. Nowadays, most celebs don’t even bother hiding the fact they’ve had work done. In fact, going under the knife is encouraged by agents and managers to ensure a nice, long career.

Here are 15 celebrities who got breast implants and don’t hide it.


Heidi Montag



For a young lady who is only in her early 20s, reality star Heidi Montag has undergone quite a few enhancement procedures. She has actually been quoted as saying she is beyond obsessed with being perfect. She got her original boob job done soon after landing her role on The Hills, but she really went for it in 2009 when she had another surgery which increased her breasts to a size DDD cup.