15 Celebs Who Look Totally Different Out of Their Signature Looks


There are some celebrities who seem to dye their hair every week and play with their looks constantly. One day their hair is jet black, the next day it’s platinum, and the following week it’s cropped and bright pink. Madonna was always doing this. Rihanna does it, as does Kylie Jenner. But then there are those celebs who never change their looks. They find something that works and they stick with it for years and years. Maybe once in a while, on a rare occasion they suddenly do something different and the entire world freaks out at the change. You may freak out when you see these 15 celebs out of their signature looks.


Cara Delevingne



Although Delevingne has a lot of lovely attributes – when you think about what she’s known for, you instantly think about her dark, prominent eyebrows and her usually crimson pout. But look at her here – no eyebrows, no pout. She looks completely different and not nearly as good if we’re being honest.