15 Celebs with Weird Body Parts


Hollywood is a land of smoke and mirrors; a land where, with some good lighting and well-smeared spackle, they can make you believe anything they want you to believe. Like each and every celebrity is a ball of walking perfection. But many celebrities, though beautiful and talented, also have abnormalities that make them seem almost… well… human. Whether it’s extra digits or missing digits, three nipples or a congenital tail, some of these weird celebrity body parts may shock you and show you that perfection is all an illusion.

Here now are 15 celebrities with weird body parts.





Denzel is an Oscar winner and one fine looking man to boot at every age. But be warned, his weird body part may actually make your stomach turn, it did ours. When Denzel was a kid, he got injured in a basketball game and broke his pinky quite bad, and for whatever reason (we can’t imagine a reason good enough) he never had it set correctly. As a result his pinky is now permanently bent at a horrible 45 degree angle.