15 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Once an Item


So, we will admit, we are kind of obsessed with all things celebrity, which is a good thing because that’s what we get paid to write about. So you can imagine our shock, and delight, when we stumbled upon some information that blew our minds. Okay, did you know that at one time Lance Armstrong dated little Ashley Olsen? Uh, isn’t he like old enough to be her father? Did you know that back in the day Tom Cruise and Cher were an item? Shocking – and highly unbelievable – right? Well hold on to your lattes because we have 15 celebs that you didn’t know were once an item.



Justin Timberlake and Fergie



What the heck were we doing in 1996 that we didn’t hear the news about these two? Seriously. Well, maybe they kept it fairly hush-hush because at the time Fergie was 23 and Justin was only 16, so not exactly legal yet. We are glad these two didn’t remain an item and prefer who they are both with today.