15 Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Hotties


It’s always interesting to see how little kids are gonna grow up. Sometimes it’s very obvious, like ugly little kids generally grow into ugly adults. And those angelically beautiful children (like Bradgelina’s kids) grow into gorgeous adults. But then there are those kids who are on the fence. They’re not beautiful yet, but they’re not ugly, so it could go either way. The 15 child stars on this list were those kinds of kids, kind of on the fence, but man oh man, did they grow up to be hotties.


Nicola Peltz



Little Nicola was kind of… well she was almost awkward looking when we saw her in The Last Airbender. But HOLY SMOKES, look at her now. Unbelievable hottie, yes? Did you see her as Bradley on Bates Motel? Not only is this young lady ridic gorgeous, she’s also one good actress. We look forward to seeing more of her.