15 Cringe-Worthy Photos of Fans Meeting Their Favorite Celebs



Celebrities are Gods among men. We place them up on pedestals and worship them like mortals used to worship Zeus and Apollo. This is why, besides winning the lottery and having your CT Scan come back all clear, meeting a celebrity is like the best thing that could happen to many of us in our lifetime. Sometimes that meet-n-greet goes perfectly. They acted just like we thought they would and we both look like we’re BFFs in the photo. And then there are the meet-n-greets that don’t always go as expected.

Here are 15 cringe-worthy photos of fans meeting their favorite celebs:




Luke Wilson is one of the most charming aw-shucks guys to ever grace the big screen, and we’re guessing he was very charming the evening he met these two college girls. We’re also guessing he was pretty shitfaced in this photo because, although cute, the blonde girl on the left has no real rack to speak of. She’s not even wearing a low-cut shirt. So what the hell is he looking at exactly?