15 Famous Actors who Got Their Start on Soaps


Though soap operas have taken a hit in the past 10 years, with some very popular and long-running series even going off the air, there was a time when daytime soaps ruled the airwaves. Who could forget Luke and Laura’s wedding on General Hospital? Over 30 million viewers watched that day and it remains the highest rated soap episode in television history. The point is, soap operas were once THE place for young actors to get their start, and so many famous faces started their careers on the small screen.

Here are 15 actors who got their start on soaps:


Demi Moore



Demi Moore actually got her start on general Hospital and arrived in Port Charles just one year after the famous Luke and Laura wedding. She played the character Jackie Templeton from 1982-1983. Her storyline was that Jackie arrived in town to search for Laura, her sister (yes of Luke and Laura) who that year had gone missing.