15 Famous Gay Men Who Married Women



When you live in the constant spotlight, there are times you have to do certain things to keep up appearances so your fans continue to adore you and buy your products. This could mean hiding the fact that you smoke or that you were in rehab. It could also mean pretending you didn’t have countless affairs when you did. And sadly, keeping up appearances also means pretending to be straight when you’re not. Though things are getting a bit looser in Hollywood, there was a time when you would have instantly ruined your career if you came out as gay or bisexual, which is why these 15 gay men decided to marry women.



Elton John



It’s sometimes staggering to think about how long Elton John has been in the music business. He first came onto the scene in the 1960s and has sold over 300 million records over the years. Though Elton never really went out of his way to hide the fact he was gay, he also never felt comfortable coming out of the closet. He was actually engaged to his secretary Linda Woodrow but that relationship ended up dissolving (most likely because he’s gay). He then married German sound engineer Renate Blauel, and the media instantly called it a sham and a way to cover his homosexuality. John finally admitted he was gay in 1988 and is now happily married to his husband and raising two sons with him.