15 Gay Actors Who Play Straight on Film


Good acting means becoming another person. Great acting means becoming another person, even someone who leads a radically different life from yours and making the audience fully believe you are that character. There are those actors in Hollywood that have tremendous talent and have been so convincing in their small and big screen roles that the viewing audience completely forgets about their real life persona, as in – they are not attracted to the opposite sex.

Here now are 15 actors who are gay in real life but have played straight characters convincingly in television or film roles.




The Big Bang Theory, a beloved comedy series on CBS, follows the lives of four scientists as the “geniuses” bumble their way through life. And the most popular character on that show has got to be Dr. Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons. Since rising to fame on the hit show rumors had been circulation about Parsons, and finally in 2012 he officially came out as gay.