15 Most Shocking Celebrity Prenups


When most of us walk down the aisle and say our “I dos” we hope for the best and see how it goes and if it turns out we made a mistake we get a divorce and move on. But in Holywood, marriages and divorces are not that cut and dry, there are rarely many clean and easy breaks. That’s because Hollywood celebs are buju-rich, as in filthy rich, and they’ve got to protect their assets in case things don’t work out. And you KNOW there are plenty of opportunists out there who marry some of these celebs just to make a quick buck. IN fact, it seems like some of these celebrities married even richer celebrities just to make a quick buck.

Here are 15 of the most shocking celebrity prenups.



Khloe and Lamar Odom



Okay, are you sitting down? Khloe K’s prenup entitles her to… wait for it… $500,000 for every year she and Lamar are married. But wait, there’s more, she also gets their house, a brand new car at the end of every lease term, oh, and because she doesn’t already have more money than God, $6000 a month for shopping and “beauty upkeep” and… wait for it… $25,000 a month for support. What. The. Hell.