15 Musicians and Their Hot Supermodel WAGs


Bacon and anything. Cheese and anything. Sugar and anything. What are we doing, you may ask? We are listing things that go together beautifully. Sure, they’re all foods, but we are very hungry right now because we skipped lunch to take a stupid yoga class that our friend (ex-friend) promised would invigorate us. It merely annoyed us and made us not eat the leftover pizza from last night. At any rate, musicians and hot supermodels, this is another classic combination that goes together so-so well, and has done so through the test of time.


John Legend & Chrissy Teigen



Ah, is there another celebrity couple so loved right now by fans? We guess it doesn’t hurt that both of these people are incredibly attractive, and sexy as hell. John and Chrissy dated for, get this, FOUR years before they got engaged back in 2011. It was another 2 years before they finally tied the knot. Let’s hope these two kids’ relationship can stand the test of time.