15 of the Craziest Things Celebs Have Done While Drunk


Who among us hasn’t had a little too much to drink and woke up the next day wondering why we had jelly in our hair and bruises on our legs? Face it, alcohol makes human beings do some crazy things. Maybe you spill the beans about something you were going to take to the grave or tell your work crush you want to “do them.” The good news is, except for our immediate friends and family, and maybe a dozen or so patrons at a bar, our drunk indiscretions don’t go very far.

But when you’re a celebrity, the whole world ends up hearing about, if not seeing firsthand, your disorderly conduct.

Here are 15 of the craziest things celebrities have done while drunk.


Ben Affleck



Ben Affleck is now a standup husband and father, but back in his younger days he could toss back a few and act like a drunk idiot. Case in point, the time he was promoting Jersey Girl (you remember that piece of sh*t) and he showed up for an interview blitzed and hit on the interviewer. Like he got her to sit on his lap and groped her. Oh, and during that same stellar interview he made fun of people with cerebral palsy. Niiiice.