15 Outrageous Kanye West Quotes


Kayne West has been called a douche by many, many people and for good reason: the guy is a total douche. Let’s look at some of his public douche-ness. Well, there’s the fact that he can’t ever let someone other than Beyonce accept a Grammy Award, he MUST take it upon himself to let the world know an egregious crime has been perpetrated. Then there was the incident at one of his concerts when he told everyone in the audience to get on their feet and like everyone but this one single guy did. But Kanye, being more important than God, was miffed that one person wasn’t standing and stopped the concert. Everyone in the audience tried to pantomime that the concert-goer was in a wheelchair, and when Kanye finally got confirmation of the man’s handicap from his own bodyguard whom he sent into the audience to check it out, only THEN would he start performing again.

And then there are Kayne’s ridiculous quotes which sometimes make Charlie Sheen seem not crazy.





“My girl set me up with a meeting with Deepak Chopra. I said, ‘Babe, you know what calms me down the most: success. You can’t meditate me out of my ideas! You can’t sedate me. What calms me down is success.” We are disappointed to hear that Kayne can’t be sedated because we really like the idea of sedating him for a good 20 or so years. I believe we all need a break, no?