15 Surprising Early Roles of Now Famous Stars


It’s hard to imagine some of today’s celebrity A-listers getting parts that were anything but awesome. But even big celebs had to start at the bottom and work their way up. That’s why it’s so cool to every once-in-awhile see an old commercial with Brad Pitt or a soap opera with Demi Moore when she was practically a baby. When you’re young and hungry to be a working actor, you’ll take any part just to get your name and face out there.

Here are 15 celebs and some early roles that may surprise you.


Meryl Streep



If you were to stop anyone on the street anywhere in the world and ask them the greatest actress alive today, undoubtedly every person would shout “Meryl Streep!” This Oscar-winner has been acting for a very long time. In fact she won a Tony award before she even made her screen debut. When she did get some screen time, it was in a film called The Deadliest Season. This was a TV movie mind you about a hockey player who kills a competitor during a game. We know she didn’t play the hockey player but just had a small role.