15 Times Celebrity Bridesmaids Stole the Show


When you’re an internationally-recognized celebrity, it’s hard not to be the center of attention wherever you go. That’s just the nature of fame. For this reason, it must be hard to be friends with a celebrity sometimes, especially when your celeb is one of your closest BFFs in the entire world and you want her to be one of your bridesmaids in your wedding. The day is supposed to be all about you but all eyes are on HER.

These 15 celebrity bridesmaids tried hard to not get all of the attention but they completely stole the show.


Rachel McAdams




Rachel McAdams has got to be one of the loveliest women working in Hollywood today. Just look at her, she’s lovely. When her sister Kayleen got married, Rachel was of course asked to be the maid of honor and was thrilled to fill the role. She donned a pretty draped, halter dress in a blue that is ridiculously flattering to the actress. During the whole ceremony, McAdams was seen wiping away tears of joy. Awwww.