15 Unattractive Celebs with Beautiful Children


There are those celebrities who have stunning looks. Their faces are perfectly symmetrical, skin and teeth perfect with gorgeous bodies to boot. Then there are those celebs who are known more for their acting or singing abilities and charisma than they are for looking good. But even these people have the ability to somehow spawn children who turn out to be beautiful. Perhaps it’s their partner’s DNA that takes over, we’re not sure. We just know there are some celebs who are, well, downright unattractive who have managed to create legitimately beautiful children.


Eddie Murphy



Eddie Murphey is known for making us all laugh on the early days of Saturday Night Live and in films like The Nutty Professor and Beverly Hills Cop. He’s not ugly, but he’s kind of an odd looking guy with that big grin and signature mustache. His daughters however have grown into hotties, most likely getting their looks from their mother who was a model.