15 Weird Things Celebrities Believe


There are so many things we love about celebrities. For starters they are gorgeous and we adore gazing upon them and sighing deeply. We also love how filthy rich they are, I mean if we don’t have that kind of dough, it’s nice to live vicariously through them and dream about living in a $3 million dollar mansion with an inground pool and staff of 10 people to wait on us hand and foot. We even love how eccentric many celebrities can be. Angelina and Billy Bob wearing each other’s blood around their necks? It’s totes weird but celebrities are supposed to be a little weird.

If you love your celebrities weird, you’ll definitely love these next 15 celebrities who believe in some pretty wacky sh*t!




Mark Ruffalo



Handsome Ruffalo is an actor who has appeared in smaller, independent films and also as Bruce Banner and The Hulk in the Marvel hit The Avengers. Ruffalo also happens to think he’s a bit of an expert when it comes to crime investigation and building demolition and he has been public about some of his opinions as a 9/11 conspiracy truther.