17 Most WTF Red Carpet Dresses


It’s that time of year again when the most glamorous women in the world parade themselves down the red carpet at the Oscars, and we sit at home wishing we could look like that for even just one day. But fear not, because sometimes some of these goddesses fail to pull it together and wind up wearing something that resembles a traffic accident. It’s true, for as many gorgeous gowns that have graced the red carpet, there have also been those that have left us all scratching our heads.

Here are 17 of the most WTF Oscar dresses of all time.




Some say that Bjork’s dress from the 2001 Oscars was the worst Oscar dress in history, and we would tend to agree with them. It’s one thing to be kooky on your own time, but these are the Oscars for God’s sake, make some serious effort. A flesh colored body suit and a swan wrapped around your neck dos not a serious effort make.