Awesome Uses For Big Booties


Who knew that big booties could be so useful? Not only do you get a great butt, but you get to use it for all sorts of things. We know some celebs out there that we can’t help but notice how large and in charge their butts are. So what are some of these big booty uses? Start doing your squats and make sure to try some of them out since it could be worth the extra pain to get the lift of the cheeks that you desire!

You make yoga look like the sport of gods. When everyone sees your big butt up in the air, they want to join along. Have an audience? No problem, show it off and make sure to do those stretches and release that tension.



Busting a move has never been better when you have a little booty shaking. The bigger the booty for shaking, the better. So hey, who said you didn’t dance? If you have a big booty, then it is time to show the world how to twerk.