Cut! – 15 Actresses That Can’t Act


Hollywood has always been a land filled with beautiful women, some of whom could act and some of whom couldn’t. There was Audrey Hepburn – she could act, and Marilyn Monroe – she couldn’t. Meryl Streep – well, duh, yes she could and still can, and Drew Barrymore – we love her but she can’t really act, except when she cried in ET, that was good. A lot of times it is the women who are already successful in one industry that insist on crossing over and trying their hand at another industry. Take Rihanna. She can sing and dance with the best of today’s pop divas, but if you look at any of the handful of films she’s been in… well, she is painful to watch.

Rihanna is not alone, there are plenty of “actresses” working in Hollywood that simply can’t act. Here are 15 of them:



Malin Akerman

Let us start with a lovely blonde Swedish woman who used to be a singer and perhaps should have stayed a singer. Malin was just okay in her films “27 Dresses” and “The Heartbreak Kid” and “Watchmen.” But the films after that (“Couples Retreat” for one) were duds and she contributed to their dudishness.