From Mistress to Mrs. – 15 Stars That Married “The Other Woman”


When you’re a celebrity, your life is simply more exciting and glamorous than everyone else’s – that is just a fact. You drive fancier cars, eat fancier food, fly in private planes and stay in villas and mansions around the world. Oh, you may even have a yacht and own a tiger or something equally exotic. You also tend to have a lot more drama in your life when you’re a celebrity. You can try and hide the drama, but with the paparazzi right outside your window and looking in your trash can, and social media spreading your personal business like a sexually transmitted disease, your personal business doesn’t stay personal for long.

The celebs on this list tried at one point to hide the fact that they were having an affair, but when the mistress became their Mrs. The proverbial cat was officially outta the bag.