These 15 Celebrity Dads Have Hot Sons


It’s always a little bit sad when Hollywood Hunks age and become puffy and less attractive. Remember when Robert Downy JR. started looking more like a middle-aged guy then our favorite sarcastic bad boy? Or when Clint Eastwood started getting the dreaded turkey neck? It’s sad because if they’re aging, then we can no longer fool ourselves into believing we’re NOT aging. Sometimes the only thing that can comfort us in our aging misery is when we discover these former hotties have sired hotty sons and it’s like we can worship them all over again.

Here are 15 celebrity dads that have (thankfully) hot sons.



Tom Hanks

Remember when one of Tom Hank’s sons, Colin, started acting? He was a good young actor and he looked so much like his dad. He was cute but not drop dead. Well, we’re here to tell you that Hanks has another son, and this one is a bonafide hotty. Chester hanks, known by his rapper name Chet Haze, is fiiiiiine and really talented.