These 15 Celebs Hate Each Other and Refuse to Work Together


Making movies and TV seems like it should be so glamorous, right? But the reality is, actors put in a lot of long – sometimes grueling hours in order to make that magic happen on the big or small screen. And sometimes, they have to spend these hours with other people they don’t much care for. Often, at the beginning of a shoot or TV season everyone is honky-dory with each other, but then tempers flare and people become disgruntled and, well, fights happen.
Here are 15 celebrities who once worked together and found that they hated each other so much, they refuse to ever do it again.


Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts

There’s nothing like when a feud erupts between the two stars of a romantic comedy. Nick and Julia found each other the leads back in 1994 of the movie I Love Trouble. Many who saw the film say they had absolutely no chemistry on film, and apparently things were worse off screen. Things got so bad between them they sometimes had to shoot their scenes separately. Ouch.