They Did What? – 15 Famous People Who Married Their Cousin


We don’t know where that phrase “kissing counsins” originated from, all we know is that it has always kind of given us the creeps. I mean, who kisses their cousins? Really kisses them? Some people must because there are six states in the Union that still allow marriage between first cousins. These same states also have more short buses than the rest of the country. Some research even suggests that 20% of marriages worldwide are between first cousins. And yes, some of those are right here in the Good ‘ol US of A.

While not every famous person on this list married their first cousin, all of them got freaky with a relative of some sort or another.

Rudy Giuliani

There are things in life that are shocking to discover: you owe thousands of dollars in taxes, you just ate a fly, and you accidentally married your second cousin. Former governor of New York, Rudy Giulliani married his wife, Regina, thinking she was his third cousin only to find out she was his second. Uh-oh.