You Won’t Believe These 15 Celebs Were Once Homeless!


When you think of celebrities you think of people who have it all, looks, fame, and truckloads of money, right? You think of George Clooney’s wedding in Italy that was something out of a fairytale and cost a pretty penny, no doubt. You think of celebrity mansions with 11 bedrooms, 5 fireplaces and on 30 acres. And while most working celebrities do make outrageous amounts of money (some deserving of it, some not so much), some celebrities at one point in their life didn’t have two nickels to rub together. In fact, some were actually homeless, like the following 15 celebs.


Halle Berry

One of the most beautiful actresses to ever grace the big or small screen, Halle Berry has been acting for quite some time. But when she first started out, things were pretty rough. She ran out of money when she was struggling to be an actress and ended up living in a homeless shelter for a little while before finally getting cast in the television show Living Dolls.